Downloads : Apache ServiceMix 4.5.4-SNAPSHOT

This is a development snapshot for an upcoming Apache ServiceMix release. Feel free to use it for testing purposes or to get a sneak preview of new features. For production use, you should download our latest release instead

Linux/Mac OS X/Unix Downloads

Windows Downloads

Default assembly

Our default assembly is the best way to get started with Apache ServiceMix.

Apache ServiceMix 4.5.4-SNAPSHOT (tar.gz)

Apache ServiceMix 4.5.4-SNAPSHOT (zip)

Source assembly

Use this if you want to build Apache ServiceMix from source yourself

Apache ServiceMix Sources 4.5.4-SNAPSHOT (tar.gz)

Apache ServiceMix Sources 4.5.4-SNAPSHOT (zip)

Full assembly

Use this if you want to run Apache ServiceMix on a server that does not have an internet connection

Apache ServiceMix Full 4.5.4-SNAPSHOT (tar.gz)

Apache ServiceMix Full 4.5.4-SNAPSHOT (zip)

JBI assembly

Use this if you're migrating from ServiceMix 3.x or if you want to reuse your existing JBI artifacts

Apache ServiceMix JBI 4.5.4-SNAPSHOT (tar.gz)

Apache ServiceMix JBI 4.5.4-SNAPSHOT (zip)

Minimal assembly

Use this if you're an advanced user that wants to create your own edition of Apache ServiceMix at runtime

Apache ServiceMix Minimal 4.5.4-SNAPSHOT (tar.gz)

Apache ServiceMix Minimal 4.5.4-SNAPSHOT (zip)


Links to the documentation pages for this version

Documentation for Apache ServiceMix 4.5.x

[Quickstart] [ActiveMQ] [Camel] [NMR] [JBI]

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Helping us...

You can help us by trying out this development snapshot and reporting any problems you encounter on the mailing lists

An overview of outstanding JIRA issues for this release can be found at

OSGi components list

OSGi/JBI components included in this release:

This release packages the following dependencies:

You can use it together with

  • Version 4.5 of the Maven plugins

  • Version 2011.02 of the archetypes