Release Notes: ServiceMix Components 2013.01


  • SMXCOMP-921 - servicemix-camel blueprint configuration use duplicated PID

  • SMXCOMP-923 - cxf bc provider should be able to return correct fault when useSOAPEnvelope=true

  • SMXCOMP-924 - CXF SE should ensure jax-ws-catalog get loaded and get chance to import local schema as inline schema

  • SMXCOMP-934 - upgrade to cxf 2.6.1

  • SMXCOMP-937 - when deploying multiple CXF JBI services all services are shown in the list regardless of port they are running on.

  • SMXCOMP-939 - unify jetty version for JBI components

  • SMXCOMP-940 - InstanceAlreadyExistsException in HTTP/JMS component bootstrap on WebSphere

  • SMXCOMP-945 - OsgiJbiComponent should use camel ServiceSupport to manage the lifecycle

  • SMXCOMP-946 - can't install servicemix-http feature

  • SMXCOMP-949 - Upgrade to Camel 2.10.2

  • SMXCOMP-952 - NPE in CxfBcConsumer when ServiceMix is deployed as a web application

  • SMXCOMP-955 - ensure camel-jbi endpoint url operation get decoded

  • SMXCOMP-956 - AsyncBaseLifeCycle should be able to return Error MessageExchange if provider threadpool is run out


  • SMXCOMP-925 - CxfBcConsumer.retrieveWSDL should throw DeploymentException when can't get wsdl definition

  • SMXCOMP-928 - introduce WSNUnsubsribeInterceptor which can read address from WSN unsubsribe message and determine target enpoint in WSN broker dynamically

  • SMXCOMP-935 - Upgrade to XBean 3.11.1

  • SMXCOMP-938 - introduce a showAllServices property for CxfBcComponent

  • SMXCOMP-944 - org.apache.servicemix.common.util.MessageUtil creates a new SourceTransformer each time.

  • SMXCOMP-947 - use DOMSource instead of StringSource in servicemix-common/MessageUtil

  • SMXCOMP-951 - refector AsyncBaseLifeCycle to avoid call into processExchangeInTx even the Exchange has no Transaction property

  • SMXCOMP-957 - add serverGracefulTimeout for servicemix-http blueprint configuration

  • SMXCOMP-958 - servicemix-wsn2005 should be able to configure username/password when connect to a secure jms broker

  • SMXCOMP-959 - servicemix-wsn2005 shouldn't rely on activemq-broker.xml bundle

  • SMXCOMP-961 - add version range for saxon Import-Package



  • SMXCOMP-936 - CxfBcPolicyTest#testUsingAddressing intermittently fails

  • SMXCOMP-948 - https related test failure with JDK7