If you're new to Apache ServiceMix, this document will guide you in your first steps in Apache ServiceMix.

Apache ServiceMix contains a lot of different components and it embeds a lot of other Apache projects. This user guide will help you select and configure the right components when building your own solution.

Apache ServiceMix embeds Apache ActiveMQ to provide a JMS message broker that you can interact with from your Camel routes, providing support for message persistence, clustering, failover, ...

Apache Camel is a core component of Apache ServiceMix. This guide will show you how to build and deploy Camel routes for Apache ServiceMix.

Apache ServiceMix embeds Activiti to provide a light-weight workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) Platform targeted at business people, developers and system admins, ...

Help pages for all the available commands in the Apache ServiceMix console.

Apache ServiceMix uses Apache Karaf as the underlying OSGi server runtime. This manual explains about the features and functionality provided by Karaf.

The Apache Karaf Developer Guide gives you some information about developing with and for the OSGi server runtime.

Documentation from commercial providers and books you can buy.