Release Notes: ServiceMix Utils 1.5.0


  • SM-1831 - Messages with StaxSource content are not handled well when running in non-DEBUG mode

  • SM-1847 - Executor service silently swallows any Errors being thrown from Runnable task


  • SM-1830 - Enable Content Rereadability for StaxSource

  • SM-2061 - Hazelcast store should support reusing an existing Hazelcast instance.

  • SM-2063 - Allow overriding parts of the executor configuration when creating a new executor

  • SM-2064 - Switch to SLF4J for servicemix-utils

  • SM-2069 - SourceTransformer should cache DocumentBuilder & TransformerFactory

  • SM-2110 - HazelcastStore tests should not use the default group

New Feature

  • SM-2047 - Create a distributed memory store.

  • SM-2067 - Create a Redis Store

  • SM-2108 - Create a Event Listener for ServiceMix stores

  • SM-2109 - EhCache Store Implementation

  • SM-2114 - It would be nice to have a Krati implementation for the interface. Also, it could be nice to have a Krati Persistence Provider for Hazelcast stores


  • SM-2083 - Release ServiceMix Utils 1.5.0

  • SM-2088 - Upgrade to ServiceMix Specs 1.8.0

  • SM-2106 - Upgrade to Hazelcast 1.9.3 (used in Hazelcast store)