December 17th, 2014

Apache ServiceMix is a flexible, open-source integration container that
unifies the features and functionality of Apache ActiveMQ, Camel, CXF and
Karaf to provide a complete, enterprise-ready ESB powered by OSGi.

Project Status
The project focus of Apache ServiceMix is the assembly of the integration
container, the actual functionality is being maintained in related projects
like Apache Karaf, Apache CXF and Apache Camel.

Activity on the mailing lists and in JIRA has been a bit slow, but we did
manage to stick to a steady release schedule and get a few new releases out.
Apart from the maintenance releases on the 5.0.x and 5.1.x branches, we also
released a new 5.3.0 version.

There are no outstanding issues requiring board attention.

No changes since the last board report. Last committer (Wim Verreydt) and
PMC member (Krzysztof Sobkowiak) additions were in July 2014.

Community Objectives
We're not expecting any more dependency updates to become available for
the 5.0.x branch, but we do plan to keep our release schedule going with
the 5.1.x and 5.3.x releases.

We're also working towards further 5.x releases and a 6.0.0 release to
provide our users with major version upgrades of Karaf, Camel, CXF, ...

- A set of 128 bundles in September
- Apache ServiceMix 5.0.4 in September
- Apache ServiceMix 5.1.2 in September
- Apache ServiceMix 5.0.5 in October
- Apache ServiceMix 5.1.3 in October
- Apache ServiceMix 5.3.0 in October
- A set of 65 bundles in October
- Apache ServiceMix 5.0.6 in November
- Apache ServiceMix 5.1.4 in November
- A set of 282 bundles in November