September 23, 2009

A new version of servicemix-exec component is ready to be release. A vote will be
proposed soon. This new version supports WSDL publishing with JAXB data binding. 
The WSDL support for most of components is on the road. Using WSDL, the component 
can be "self documented" and support multi-action.

A new component has begun: the RMI component. This binding component works in provider
or consumer mode. In consumer mode, it binds a new entry in the ServiceMix registry
and transforms the RMI invocation into a XML request (data binding). In provider mode,
it get the RMI stub on the remote interface and call an external RMI endpoint. In the
same way, it uses data binding to transform the RMI invocation request/response into 
a XML compliant message (sent into the NMR).

The LDAP component WSDL support has begun.

Work started switching to Apache Felix Karaf as the OSGi container/runtime and will
probably be part of 4.1.0 release which is scheduled for aprox. September/October 2009.

A refactoring of the ServiceMix documentation has begun using DocBook to generate a
manual page. For now, the documentation is in sandbox. The purpose is to provide a
multi-format enterprise documentation and promote it with the new website.

Eoghan Glynn has been voted in as a new ServiceMix committer.