December 17th, 2008

Since September report, ServiceMix has released the following things:
* ServiceMix Kernel 1.0.0
* ServiceMix NMR 1.0.0-m2
* ServiceMix NMR 1.0.0-m3
* ServiceMix Specs 1.1.0
* ServiceMix Specs 1.1.1
* ServiceMix maven plugins (jbi-maven-plugin 4.0, res-maven-plugin 4.0, xfire-maven-plugin 4.0 ,features-maven-plugin 1.0 ,checksum-maven-plugin 1.0)
* several osgi bundles for 3thd party dependencies
* JBI components in version 2008.01
* ServiceMix 3.2.3
* ServiceMix 3.3
* new JBI binding component for SNMP protocol (servicemix-snmp)

A number of committers have been voted:
* Gianfranco Boccalon
* Andrea Zopello
Their ICLAs have not been processed yet.

We have voted one more committer but his employer seems to have concerns
so the invitation will remain open.

The PMC contains a new member:
* Lars Heinemann

SSHD, a Java based SSH server / client library originally developed 
for ServiceMix Kernel / Geronimo GShell integration as the default 
remoting protocol has been accepted as a new Apache Mina subproject.