19 March 2008

Added the following committers:
 * Chris Custine 
 * Jeff Yu 
 * Lars Heinemann

 * Apache ServiceMix Kernel 1.0-m2

  * ServiceMix 3.2 and 3.3 are actively 
    maintained, with new components being
    included in the 3.3 trunk (OSWorkflow 
    and Mail)
  * Work is being done to improve the 
  * ServiceMix 4 is being developed with
    a new milestone of the Kernel done, a
    milestone of the NMR currently being

 * we need to take care of the export policy,
   as some JBI components include libraries
   subject to such requirements
 * we have requested a solaris zone to root
 * discussions around importing a JBoss 
   plugin seem to have reached an agreement 
   that it should be doable
 * we have also raised some questions about
   repackaging some third party libraries 
   not under ASL 2.0 license to add OSGi 
   manifest entries and redistribute them