Although the preferred means of communication regarding ServiceMix is always the mailing lists, you can also find most of us hanging out on the #servicemix channel on the Codehaus IRC server. Many of us hang out there while we're working because it's a good place to have quick chats.

Connecting to IRC

Below is the connection information:

  • server:
  • port: 6667
  • channel: `#servicemix

Use the Mibbit IRC Client

If you aren't a habitual IRC user, feel free to take a hit off the Mibbit IRC client by entering an optional nick and clicking the connect button below, or you can open a popout IRC client

Other IRC Clients

To connect to the Codehaus IRC server, you'll need an IRC client. There's a decent list of IRC clients on Wikipedia along with some feature comparisons and other information.


The IRC log is publicly available for browsing.