Going from ServiceMix 5.1 to 5.4

In the next few days, we'll be preparing for the release of Apache ServiceMix 5.4.0.
This release will come with a new minor version of both Apache Karaf and Apache Camel.

We'll be upgrading to Karaf 2.4, which comes with a lot of new features and great internal
dependency upgrades of its own. Apache Camel 2.14 also comes with a wealth of new features,
improvements and dependency changes.

We definitely want people to start using the latest and greatest technology and encourage
everyone to upgrade to the 5.4.0 as soon as it becomes available, but we also understand
that in a project or a company, it's sometimes preferable to take things one step at the the time.

That's why we added two more intermediate releases to our roadmap:

  • ServiceMix 5.2.0 comes with Camel 2.14, but uses Karaf 2.3.9

  • ServiceMix 5.3.0 is based on Karaf 2.4.0, but comes with Camel 2.13.2

That way, you can choose your own upgrade path: upgrade Camel first using ServiceMix 5.2.0,
upgrade Karaf first using ServiceMix 5.3.0 or go straight to the latest versions using ServiceMix 5.4.0.

Happy ServiceMix'ing!