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Release notes


* SM-2251 - Intermittent test failure in JMSAppenderTest
* SM-2824 - Missing dependencies in system folder
* SM-2848 - cxf-wsn-client client fails due to wrong slf4j version
* SM-2850 - JMSAppenderTest.testReconnectToBroker fails


* SM-2395 - Download pages should correctly refer the documentation pages


* SM-2700 - Increase the java compilance level to 1.7
* SM-2707 - Upgrade to Activiti 5.19.0
* SM-2727 - Upgrade to Jackson 2.6.2
* SM-2741 - Upgrade to Apache Camel 2.16.1 and Apache CXF 3.1.4
* SM-2752 - Upgrade to depends-maven-plugin 1.3.1
* SM-2753 - Use maven properties like `${}` instead of `target/classes`
* SM-2754 - Release Apache ServiceMix 5.6.0
* SM-2763 - Upgrade to Activiti
* SM-2778 - Upgrade to Apache ActiveMQ 5.12.2
* SM-2806 - Ensure ServiceMix uses Apache Commons Collections 3.2.2
* SM-2808 - Avoid warnings about 'parent.relativePath' during the maven build
* SM-2816 - Upgrade to Apache Karaf 2.4.4
* SM-2821 - Upgrade to Apache Camel 2.16.2
* SM-2844 - Upgrade to Activiti
* SM-2849 - Upgrade to Jackson 2.6.3
* SM-2858 - Upgrade to Apache ActiveMQ 5.12.3

SCM tag

Tag servicemix-5.6.0 is available in Git (commit id f86efc2741eefbfc74a6a7efab57e50afcf59474)


For a more detailed view of new features and bug fixes, see the changelog