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OSGi components list

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Release notes


  • SM-2297 - Recommend users to install Activiti through the boot features in the Activiti guide

  • SM-2301 - Problem installing activiti feature after upgrade to Camel 2.13.1

  • SM-2303 - ActiveMQ web console not installable after upgrade to 5.9.1

  • SM-2311 - Remove the shaded ActiveMQ web console


  • SM-2244 - Uninstall activiti feature results in error

  • SM-2256 - Unable to shutdown container when JMS appender is configured

  • SM-2267 - Provide working configuration for activemq-web-console

  • SM-2269 - ActiveMQ quick start doesn't work due to the missing activemq component

  • SM-2277 - activiti-camel thrown ActivitiException when put document in delivery folder

  • SM-2279 - The jndi feature can not be installed

  • SM-2280 - Activiti test case fails after upgrade to 5.15.1

  • SM-2282 - Installation of the eventadmin feature fails

  • SM-2286 - Intermittent test failure in ActivitiExamplesTest.testActivitiCamelExample

  • SM-2309 - Add itest for camel-cxf-rest example

  • SM-2322 - !<history-number> executes wrong history entry


  • SM-2298 - Add a CXF SOAP with Camel example

  • SM-2299 - Add itest for cxf-wsn example

  • SM-2327 - Improve camel-cxf-rest example

New Feature


  • SM-2229 - Upgrade to activiti version 5.15.1

  • SM-2245 - Upgrade to Pax Exam 3.5.0

  • SM-2270 - Merge ServiceMix archetypes with ServiceMix code base

  • SM-2273 - Release Apache ServiceMix 5.1.0

  • SM-2274 - Upgrade to Camel 2.13.0

  • SM-2281 - Upgrade to Karaf 2.3.5

  • SM-2283 - Align some versions duplicated after the Activiti upgrade

  • SM-2289 - Update ActiveMQ quick start after ServiceMix 5.0.1/5.1.0 release

  • SM-2292 - Upgrade to Camel 2.13.1

  • SM-2294 - Cleanup nonexisting cxf dependencies from dependency management

  • SM-2296 - Add the boot features to the system repository

  • SM-2306 - Update the README file

  • SM-2307 - Add itest for camel-cxf-soap example

  • SM-2308 - Add itest for camel-drools-blueprint example

  • SM-2312 - Remove placeholder configuration from the activemq-camel blueprint

  • SM-2315 - activemq:dstat fails after any messagin operation is performed

  • SM-2316 - Problems when reinstalling the drools examples

  • SM-2328 - Upgrade to ActiveMQ 5.10.0

  • SM-2329 - Downgrade to Karaf 2.3.4

SCM tag

Tag servicemix-5.1.0 is available in Git (commit id a752c02e0ab39e25c17cc5da2d81e1480cfc562c)


For a more detailed view of new features and bug fixes, see the changelog