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Default assembly

Our default assembly is the best way to get started with Apache ServiceMix.

Apache ServiceMix 4.5.0 (tar.gz)

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Apache ServiceMix 4.5.0 (zip)

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Source assembly

Use this if you want to build Apache ServiceMix from source yourself

Apache ServiceMix Sources 4.5.0 (tar.gz)

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Apache ServiceMix Sources 4.5.0 (zip)

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Full assembly

Use this if you want to run Apache ServiceMix on a server that does not have an internet connection

Apache ServiceMix Full 4.5.0 (tar.gz)

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Apache ServiceMix Full 4.5.0 (zip)

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JBI assembly

Use this if you're migrating from ServiceMix 3.x or if you want to reuse your existing JBI artifacts

Apache ServiceMix JBI 4.5.0 (tar.gz)

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Apache ServiceMix JBI 4.5.0 (zip)

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Minimal assembly

Use this if you're an advanced user that wants to create your own edition of Apache ServiceMix at runtime

Apache ServiceMix Minimal 4.5.0 (tar.gz)

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Apache ServiceMix Minimal 4.5.0 (zip)

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Links to the documentation pages for this version

Documentation for Apache ServiceMix 4.5.x

[Quickstart] [ActiveMQ] [Camel] [NMR] [JBI]

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OSGi components list

OSGi/JBI components included in this release:

This release packages the following dependencies:

You can use it together with

  • Version 4.5 of the Maven plugins

  • Version 2011.02 of the archetypes

Release notes


  • SMX4-537 - Startup script (bin/servicemix) misconfigures java.ext.dirs, breaking things like SSL in CXF

  • SMX4-784 - activemq:list/activemq:query/activemq:bstat command doesn't work

  • SMX4-1013 - Port already in use warning message in JBI assembly

  • SMX4-1084 - ServiceMix won't boot when Felix 4.0.x is used

  • SMX4-1094 - feature connector can't be load cause aries.version is not defined

  • SMX4-1172 - upgrade to cxf 2.6.1

  • SMX4-1193 - servicemix-shared feature is not self-contained

  • SMX4-1204 - remove unnecessary runtime dependency for camel-nmr component

  • SMX4-1206 - JBI configuration present in non-JBI assemblies

  • SMX4-1207 - minimal kit by default will install activemq-broker.xml bundle

  • SMX4-1258 - servicemix-saxon feature is missing dependencies

  • SMX4-1271 - WarDeployer tries to load README file

  • SMX4-1272 - Error installing 'connector' and 'activiti' features

  • SMX4-1273 - cxf-nmr trasport should copy the message header which value is String as the Protocol Header

  • SMX4-1276 - At examples-activiti-camel startup get has ERROR Configuration

  • SMX4-1277 - ResourceManager in activemq-broker.xml doesn't recover from TX after crash

  • SMX4-1278 - Jetty logging to console

  • SMX4-1285 - Activiti camel Test failed Order process lookup.

  • SMX4-1287 - nmr toc has broken link

  • SMX4-1314 - CXF NMR transport throws NPE when it handles the fault message

  • SMX4-1315 - Can't install servicemix-drools feature

  • SMX4-1317 - activemq-broker.xml should be given start-level 50

  • SMX4-1342 - Cxf examples that need org.apache.commons.httpclient does not start


  • SMX4-1019 - Remove README file from deploy directory to avoid WarDeployer error message on TRACE

  • SMX4-1037 - some bundle miss dependency="true" in cxf-jaxrs feature

  • SMX4-1107 - Added cxf blueprint examples

  • SMX4-1108 - Upgrade CXF version to 2.5.2

  • SMX4-1120 - remove some uncessary features

  • SMX4-1132 - cxf-ws-security-osgi/blueprint example should use smx/smx by default

  • SMX4-1145 - add a new cxf ws-security example which demonstrate how to use signaturePropRefId in OSGi container

  • SMX4-1179 - remove unecessary annotations from cxf nmr transport

  • SMX4-1187 - Upgrade to XBean 3.11.1

  • SMX4-1191 - Add support for Activiti

  • SMX4-1224 - remove jetty6 bundle from kit

  • SMX4-1256 - Add Logstash event message format to JMS appender

  • SMX4-1262 - remove from SMX distribution

  • SMX4-1313 - Add EnableCORSInterceptor for cxf related examples

  • SMX4-1316 - add address/endpintName for dispatch process for CXF NMR transport

  • SMX4-1319 - use StreamSource but not DOMSource for cxf-nmr-transport

  • SMX4-1320 - missing features for cxf-jaxrs-blueprint and cxf-jaxws-blueprint example

  • SMX4-1338 - Upgrade to Karaf 2.2.10



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