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Older version of Apache ServiceMix

This download page refers to an older version of Apache ServiceMix. After December 2012, we will only be maintaining and releasing Apache ServiceMix 4. You can download the latest release here

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Source assembly

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Apache ServiceMix Sources 3.3.2 (tar.gz)

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Apache ServiceMix Sources 3.3.2 (zip)

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Web assembly

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Apache ServiceMix WAR 3.3.2 (tar.gz)

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Components list

JBI components included in this release:

This release also includes:

You can use it together with

  • Version 4.3 of the Maven plugins

  • Version 2010.01 of the archetypes

Release notes

Release Notes - ServiceMix - Version 3.3.2


* SM-1875 - Use new snapshot repository location in archetypes
* SM-1887 - should ship only one bcprov version in the kit
* SM-1892 - Port property is not passed to any Servicemix Ant tasks in servicemix-ant-tasks.xml (install-component, etc)
* SM-1914 - ServiceMix fails to start when JAVA is installed under path containing spaces
* SM-1915 - Support more fine-grained authorization on JMX access
* SM-1924 - @ not filtered in smx-arch/smx-arch.bat
* SM-1925 - Add security check on remote broker when using JMSFlow/JCAFlow
* SM-1926 - Statistics Service throws NPE with DynamicEndpoints
* SM-1933 - Sample poms refer to instead of for snapshot
* SM-1935 - samples pom has SNAPSHOT dependency in kit
* SM-1939 - RELEASE-NOTES file is not up to date
* SM-1940 - Schemas folder doesn't contain all components xsd
* SM-1941 - Add servicemix-vfs component in the distribution
* SM-1942 - Scripts in bin folder don't depend of the distribution format
* SM-1947 - Add missing Stax2 API jar file


* SM-1878 - refactor client.html used in cxf-wsdl-first
* SM-1899 - Upgrade to jenck 2.2
* SM-1903 - Upgrade Apache ActiveMQ 5.3
* SM-1905 - Upgrade ServiceMix 3 to ActiveMQ 5.3
* SM-1922 - remove unnecessary kit_camel_example_pom.xml from camel example of kit
* SM-1928 - Upgrade to ActiveMQ 5.3
* SM-1929 - Upgrade SMX3 to use CXF 2.2.6
* SM-1937 - Incorrect logic in throttle method of
* SM-1944 - Use ServiceMix Components 2010.01

New Feature

* SM-788 - start/stop/restart on SM


* SM-1911 - Upgrade Derby to
* SM-1930 - Upgrade geronimo jars to 2.1.1+
* SM-1936 - Upgrade to use JavaMail 1.4.3


* SM-1864 - Add a sample showing the usage of servicemix-bean with a database backend

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For a more detailed view of new features and bug fixes, see the changelog