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Release notes

  • Bug
    ** SM-854 - LogService uses hard-coded path to the log4j.xml file
    ** SM-937 - Poller polls subdirectory even though recursive is set to false
    ** SM-959 - ssl truststore is not set for unmanaged
    ** SM-960 - JSR181 Orchestration sample doesn't work (Current state not START_ELEMENT, END_ELEMENT or ENTITY_REFERENCE )
    ** SM-963 - NullPointerExceptions during JMS component initialization
    ** SM-969 - JBIMarshaler doesn't copy Subject from NormalizedMessage to SoapMessage
    ** SM-972 - authenticationService is null - Several SA deployed on the same instance of Smx
    ** SM-977 - wsdl-first example fails: XFireFault (could not unmarshal type)
    ** SM-982 - memory leak in org.apache.servicemix.bean.BeanEndpoint
    ** SM-991 - servicemix-saxon component lacks ServiceUnit analyzer which results in generating incomplete jbi.xml
    ** SM-1004 - File poller deletes files, even if errors occur while processing
    ** SM-1006 - 0 byte files written when message contains invalid content
    ** SM-1012 - Possible resource leak in FilePoller
    ** SM-1014 - WSDL-first example fails javax.jbi.messaging.MessagingException: Do not understand pattern: null
    ** SM-1016 - Environment Context ComponentMBeanImpl Removal
    ** SM-1020 - Invalid query.xq generated by servicemix-saxon-xquery-service-unit archetype
    ** SM-1023 - correlationId and senderEndpoint properties are not set on jsr181 (using the proxy) and jms consumer endpoints
    ** SM-1024 - Archetype generates invalid brokerURL
    ** SM-1026 - CorrelationId and senderEndpoint properties are not setted on the lightweigth components using the TransformComponentSupport
    ** SM-1029 - Bug in HTTP BC when configuring managed keystore for SSL
    ** SM-1043 - Poller sends invalid MessageExchange when file has been deleted
    ** SM-1050 - Memory Leak in http consumer processor when using SSL

  • Improvement
    ** SM-965 - Allow use of -Dhost, -Dport, -Dusername and -Dpassword on jbi:projectDeploy
    ** SM-986 - The maven jbi plugin should not fail it the SU jbi descriptor generation fails but only displays a warning
    ** SM-1049 - Raise the number of http requests that can be send concurrently by servicemix-http

  • New Feature
    ** SM-958 - Allow the connections element of the JBI.xml for a Service Assembly to be provided
    ** SM-1045 - Servicemix tooling changes to generate JBISharedLibraryDescriptor

  • Task
    ** SM-1028 - Ease the release process by avoiding manual changes in the source files

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