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Release notes

  • Bug
    ** SM-331 - JabberComponentSupport attempts to create a jabber account every time on start
    ** SM-828 - OutBinding doesn't allow for DeliveryChannel.accept()
    ** SM-829 - Incorrect file encoding of created jbi.xml
    ** SM-832 - Ws-Security signature does not work for outbound
    ** SM-835 - achetypes should not contain the <classpath/> tag inside the spring files
    ** SM-839 - java.lang.IllegalStateException: Could not find valid implementation for: 2.0
    ** SM-840 - JMS connections not close in servicemix-wsn2005
    ** SM-841 - The servicemix-http provider endpoint does not properly handle web services that return faults with multiple elements in the detail section.
    ** SM-842 - AuthenticationService set on the configuration is not used
    ** SM-843 - The defaultMep attribute is missing on the jms endpoint in loan-broker-bpel demo
    ** SM-845 - servicemix-quartz includes unneeded spring libraries
    ** SM-846 - Call to default constructor of JBIContainer changes log4j log level
    ** SM-847 - Old version of xml-apis in distribution
    ** SM-849 - The web console fails when displaying an error
    ** SM-850 - Error starting ServiceMix on AIX
    ** SM-853 - NPE in DotViewFlowListener
    ** SM-860 - EndpointReferenceBuilder.getReference() should cache its DocumentBuilderFactory instance
    ** SM-861 - servicemix-common does not properly set the correlationId for exchanges that are sent using sendSync
    ** SM-862 - Possible problem when @WebMethod returns an empty string for the operation name
    ** SM-863 - Generated ids are too long, it may cause problems when using them in databases as indexes
    ** SM-866 - wsn-http-binding fails to start
    ** SM-867 - Cannot add soap header in JSR181 component
    ** SM-873 - servicemix-http does not return a valid fault when the xml is invalid
    ** SM-874 - servicemix-http does not honor the soap version for certain kinds of faults
    ** SM-878 - servicemix-bean is not include in the distribution
    ** SM-879 - EIP XPath Splitter and Drools3.1 used together cause problems in xpath evaluation
    ** SM-890 - Security Subject can not be propagated in servicemix-jsr181 when using the jsr181 proxies
    ** SM-891 - Maven plugin should use finalName
    ** SM-892 - ManagementContext.shutdown() calls wrong method to unregister MBeans
    ** SM-893 - Messages lost under heavy load using JMSFlow
    ** SM-900 - WSDLFlattenner does not handle schemas inclusions
    ** SM-902 - File Binding example error with JaxenStringXPathExpression
    ** SM-904 - The jmx url is wrong if there are spaces at the end of the properties
    ** SM-911 - JDBCComponent: The first column index is 1 in a result from sql query (non zero)
    ** SM-914 - Exception upon generating a dot file from the apache-servicemix-web distribution in Tomcat
    ** SM-923 - NPE in the web console when viewing component with lightweight components deployed
    ** SM-928 - ProviderProcessor leaks memory for https endpoints
    ** SM-938 - Component updates (from the hot deployer) sometimes fail
    ** SM-940 - OneWay operation are not supported
    ** SM-941 - NPE in BeanComponent - checkEndOfRequest
    ** SM-951 - Remove servicemix-sca which is hosted in tuscany and which is completely outdated

  • Improvement
    ** SM-611 - Reduce non-optional core dependencies
    ** SM-795 - HTTP headers attached as properties may cause requests to fail
    ** SM-830 - Replace System.out printing with logger
    ** SM-865 - Remove jta and j2ee-connector from the mandatory dependencies when running an embedded ServiceMix instance
    ** SM-869 - Avoid creating xml factories in jsr181
    ** SM-870 - StaxSourceTransformer should reuse the XMLStreamReader when available
    ** SM-871 - Optimize wsdl-first example
    ** SM-876 - jmx.xml should use the jmx.url property
    ** SM-877 - Bottleneck in SoapReader.readSoapUsingDom()
    ** SM-889 - Add possibility to rename files after FTP upload
    ** SM-913 - Improve archetypes and add a batch file for ease of use
    ** SM-922 - When browsing for available services, existing urls should end with the needed '/' when displayed

  • Task
    ** SM-901 - Upgrade to xfire 1.2.5
    ** SM-916 - Upgrade to ActiveMQ 4.1.1
    ** SM-946 - Upgrade loan-broker-bpel example to use Apache Ode

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