March 18th, 2009

Development continues towards a release of ServiceMix 4, while we also keep on working on improving and stabilizing ServiceMix 3.
The upcoming release already gets a fair share of the attention on the mailing, with early adopters helping out by testing, raising issues and suggesting improvements.

Preparing for our next major release, we have released:
* ServiceMix Specs 1.2.0
* a set of 13 osgi bundles for 3thd party dependencies

We have added 4 new committers to the project:
- Ulhas Bhole
- Jamie Goodyear
- Edell Nolan
- Jean-Baptiste Onofr´┐Ż

The last board report already mentioned the addition of Gianfranco Boccalon and Andrea Zopello, whose ICLAs have also been processed in meanwhile.

In the PMC, we welcome Chris Custine as our newest member!

A Google Analytics Privacy Policy page has been set up and a link has been added to the footer of all our website pages.