September 17th, 2008

Since the last report, ServiceMix has released the following things:
 * First set of OSGi bundles
 * ServiceMix Specs 1.0.1
 * ServiceMix 3.2.2
 * ServiceMix Kernel 1.0.0-rc2
 * Second set of OSGi bundles
 * ServiceMix Specs 1.1.0
 * depends-maven-plugin (a maven plugin used in some of our projects)
 * ServiceMix Kernel 1.0.0 is currently under vote

The ServiceMix Specs project contains OSGi enhanced versions of some Java
EE specifiations.  Those are mostly repackaged versions of ASL licensed
specs, but it also contains full code of some specifications too (the JBI
specification and the JAXB specifications that were needed to be able to
enhance them for OSGi).  We've discussed moving at least those JAXB specs
to Geronimo, but no work has been done on that so far.

The ServiceMix Bundles project contains jars repackaged as OSGi bundles
which are used in ServiceMix 4.x.

The JBI components from ServiceMix 3.x have now been extracted into their 
own svn subtree to be able to release them independently and share them 
between ServiceMix 3.x and 4.x.  The short term goal is to release those
as well as ServiceMix 3.3 and new milestones of ServiceMix 4.0 in the 
coming weeks.

The ServiceMix zone has been set up and we will work on putting live demos
of ServiceMix when time permits.